Today Glasgow / Tomorrow Home Eposide 18


It was a beautiful day and fun traveling around New Lanark but it was already 1:00 and we needed to find lodging near the airport for our flight home the next day. By the map it appeared to be a 40 minute drive so we stopped in a cute roadside Inn and had tea and sandwiches. Well, approximately three hours later we arrived in Glasgow. We arrived at a very nice hotel. Only one problem the hotel was completely booked. We hung around for awhile at the request of the very nice lady at the reception desk who had confided that at 4:00 they might have a cancellation. Bingo! At exactly 4:05 we had our rooms, very quiet and clean.

Went out to eat dinner, once again Indian Food, delicious!!! Got back to the hotel and laid out our nice clean traveling clothes, then did what people do after being gone for four weeks, which is cram all your dirty clothes, wet muddy boots, books, and all the other junk you acquire on a trip of this nature into, now, sad looking suitcases. At the end of the exercise we were exhausted.


Had our final “Full Scottish Breakfast” of the trip. I don’t believe we’ll ever be able to look at another serving of the meal again in our lives. We got to the airport with no trouble and returned our car, our Rover. Wow, we loved that car, we’ll miss it. Our travel back home were uneventful which is a good thing. We watched the movie Titanic about half a dozen times. James and I also watched Jim, with envy sleep. James and I cannot sleep on airplanes but Jim can sleep for hours on end. Lucky guy!

Good bye for now Bonny Scotland. We will always remember your lavender hills, majestic mountains, and hushed valleys. We have wonderful memories and every time we think of them we will smile.

Kirkley Family Awards our Scotland Holiday the “Best Vacation Ever!”

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