Back to Sterling – Episode 17

On the second to final day in Scotland we woke up to a typical summer day in Scotland…cool, partly cloudy, and a pretty good chance of rain. Last night we were, punch drunk, and frantic that an evening’s lodging would or could not be secured, so we considered ourselves fortunate in finding accommodation in Stirling. This morning after a miserable night’s sleep, we all agreed this Scottish B&B wins the prize for the suckiest B&B. The beds were uncomfortable, the food is horrible, and the Innkeeper physically stinks. Even the our fellow B&B guests smell foul.

Well, what the hell, we’ve experienced worse in the past but fortunately we have worked hard and will never have to deal with this kind of nonsense in the future.

Today we drove south and visited a Heritage Site, the historical village of New Lanark. This village engaged in the cotton industry became famous because of it’s forward thinking living conditions and housing. It was interesting but very static and failed to give you a true feeling for the comings, goings, and everyday life in the village. Still enjoyed it, it was a break from the Highlands and hiking.


Tomorrow we’re off to a location near the airport and an early flight home. If this all sounds perfunctory it is probably because we are ready to go home, looking forward to it in fact. This does not mean that we did not enjoy our time in Scotland, rather the opposite, we loved it. But we are now tired of driving around staying in one B&B after the other. Smelling like fried bacon all day and battling to get a hot shower. We are at a point that we need the privacy and comfort of our own home.

But isn’t this the adventure of travel? One loves the unknown and a sense of adventure but it also teaches one to appreciate the comfort and familiarity of home.

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