Perthshire – Episode 15

We left Ullapool early, couldn’t wait to get away from the cold and damp hotel and most of all the very crabby innkeeper. Also breakfast was terrible, cold and greasy. Good news was the day was clear and crisp. We decided to drive a little further north along the coast. The views were superb, the roads not so much. Only a single lane with just inches to pass. We had to be very careful driving so we only took in the scenery when we stopped.

I spotted a couple of deer high up in the hills and more down below. James was out of the car with his camera equipment bag slung over his shoulder like someone had set him on fire. Out came the 400mm lens and he was ready and started shooting by the time he reached the bottom of a very vertical hillside.


I have to hand it to James he hauled that bag all over Scotland. It’s contents were two 35mm single reflex Pentax cameras (don’t make them anymore but they’re still around) a 400mm lens, 200mm lens, two 50mm lenses, 28mm and, and loads of filters. He taught himself a lot about taking quality shots. And when he wasn’t hauling the stuff around and taking photos he was cleaning the stuff. I have to acknowledge the nurturing of this passion to one person, his photography teacher at school, Glenn. Glenn was not only an incredible teacher but was an exemplary under-water photographer and mentor to our son.

We ended up in Perthshire and found a beautiful B&B the Caber-Feidh Guest House run by Bill and Morag, who truly were in love with what they did for a living. They recommended we have dinner at the Black Watch. The meal was excellent. James had beef medallions,  Jim had lamb chops, and I had roasted chicken.


This leads me to an observation, a finding I’ve not been aware of until now. I eat copious amounts of chicken. Every time I share what we’re dining on I’m ordering the chicken. It was always good but crikey there are a lot more taste sensations out there. Laura, stop with the chicken!

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