Travel Hacks: Bring Protein

OK, so we agree air travel simply isn’t what it used to be. Sorry if I’m showing my age but when I was traveling for corporate America I traveled a lot, and fortunately my employer always flew me Business Class. Didn’t matter if I flew early morning or late at night, it was always full make-up, perfect hair, and stunning suit and 4″ heels. In-flight food was also, almost, always delicious. Not any more, everyone wears pajamas (usually with a very tired dirty pillow tucked under their arm) and no food is served.

So I’ll stop complaining and get to my Travel Hack – protein!!! It’s easy to find fruits, carbs, and vegetables in airport kiosks but aside from the ham & cheese sandwich or (God Forbid!) tuna salad there’s no protein to be had at a reasonable price. Problem solved! Pack in some Slim Jims or some jerky. Cheeses sticks are also good. Finish it off with crackers, nuts (remember no peanuts… even peanut dust can get into the ventilation system and cause an allergic reaction) fruit, veggies, and a chocolate bar (my favorite is Lindt Excellence Chili & Dark Chocolate.) All very delicious, cost effective and you can decide calorie count and nutrition. But most of all it’s satisfying.

How I found out about all of this is from Karen a Captain for American Airlines and my walking partner when she’s home. She always packed her own food and confided that she never ate airplane food. So when in doubt listen to the pilot. At least you’ll travel with a snack, it’s better than nothing, which is more than the airlines provide.

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