Meall na h-Aofainn Moire – Episode 13

So you all know from Episode 12 that my hiking route was set and Jim and James went fishing.

I had finished the Black Castle portion of the hike, lots of long green pastures and many many stiles to cross. I found myself in Moulin and decided to stop at The Moulin Inn and order a cup of tea, went outside to enjoy the sun. I decided to tell Jim and James about the place it was so charming and cozy. Hope we have dinner there tonight. A nice German couple (Gus and Maryann) walked by on the road headed north. They said hello and wished me a good day in German. They were surprised when I answered in German and we talked for awhile. They confided that they were on their way to Meall na h-Aofainn Moire and asked if I would like to join them. I had my sandwich and water in my pack so I was good to go.  We hadn’t gone very far when a car traveling up to the trail head stopped and asked if we wanted a ride. After some translation to my new German friends we decided to take him up on his offer. It was approximately three miles up to the the trail head and our driver explained the hike itself was another three or four hours. Wow, glad we took the ride and hope we get another back into town.

Scottish Moors.jpg
Through pasture in route to Black Castle

The tail head was a little over-grown and difficult to find but it opened up to a fine narrow path except the short climb to gain the summit. At the top we enjoyed the awesome views and ate a bit and drank some schnapps. My new friend Gus explained that a good climber never hikes without it.  We also discussed what our driver was smoking: the trail was at best 1/2 a mile, meaning 1 mile up and back, which we did in 1 hour due to schnapps break. We walked all the way back to Pithochry together; told stories in stilted half English and half German language.

I don’t know how far I walked that day, I’m usually OCD about that kind of thing, all about the miles and elevation,  but today it didn’t matter. I had made two new friends and had beautiful day.

I’m hoping tonight our little family will go to The Moulin Inn and Jim and James will tell me about all the fish they caught and I can share my adventure.

Auf Wiedersehen und einen schönen Tag!

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