Lochnagar – Episode Nine

The official description of Locknagar: a long, gradual ascent on clear tracks and rough footpaths. Wonderful mountain and moorland scenery, and part of the route by the side of Loch Muick. Length 13 miles  Height Climbed 2500 ft.

We felt so good about our walk yesterday that we felt we were ready for a larger challenge. The day started out nice. No wind and partly cloudy skies. The trail was dry but extremely rocky. This continued until we neared the top. The top was strewn with boulders so hand-over-hand was imperative. The wind, mild until now, began to become a factor. We all climbed carefully to the top, which was flat and rock covered. Now it was really cold, taxing our jackets and sweaters.


We took our proof pictures and immediately started down the other side.

The trip down was less pleasant. We were tired and the trail was boggy, very reminiscent of the Skye hike. Plus our knees were protesting loudly. We stopped for a brief moment to eat a sandwich near the top but, seriously needed to keep moving due to the cold.   We did however, hike the entire way down next to a water fall. It was beautiful, like something out of a movie. We finally popped out from the trail near the Queen’s Hunting Lodge.


No one even mouthed the question. Do you want to look in the windows? Too exhausted and besides we’ve been there and done that.

Can’t share with you what we had for supper, I can’t remember if we even had any, too tired. I know for sure we went to a pub, James had his Spatzi, I had Black & Tan, Jim drank several glasses of scotch. And we all took copious amounts of Ibuprofen, a hot bath and fell asleep before 9:00.

James’ remembrances of this hike was focused on two things. 1. Persistence pays off. If we had turned around and quit we would not have seen all the sights and had all of the experience offered to us on that day. It was a “Bonny Day!” 2. One of the Queen’s horses was in the paddock and walked straight over to me. I had an apple leftover from lunch, we shared it. I took a bite and he/she ate the rest. Yes a “Bonny Day!”



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