Isle of Skye – 5th Blog

After breakfast we bid a fond farewell to The House of Kiel….again, this time we remember our jackets and coats. Jump in the car and listen to Scottish BBC weather, stating the weather should clear in the Northwest. We’re now off to the Isle of Skye.

Glencoe is amazing, James has lugged a huge leather bag full of camera equipment and he is working very hard to capture the essence of the region. But I will write James is taking the best possible shots and still can’t do this area justice. Hey, not even Mel Gibson did it in Braveheart. However, James worked very hard and 90% of images in this blog series reflect his work.

Harbor at the Isle of Skye
James and Jim on ferry to Isle of Skye

We reached Mallaig at 11:30 and made the 12.10 ferry to Skye. We were feeling good and the rain had subsided to a drizzle. Ferry ride through the Sound of Sleat (pronounced Slate) was brief, only 20 minutes but happy happy joy joy the weather is getting better.

We found another great B&B run by Catherine, “The Sheiling.” Jim and I have a cute little room with a half bath and James has a room next door. Both rooms have views overlooking the ocean. Mrs. Shearer immediately gave us this little adhesive sticker with address and phone number, saying “Just in case you get lost or drunk you’ll know where you’re staying. OK Catherine, does this happen with your guest often? Should I paste this to my forehead like in Indian Poker?

When we were at the House of Kiel we woke up to the sound of cows, today “The Sheiling” while our eyes are still matted with sleep we hear geese, lots and lots of geese. Think I like the cows better.

Catherine had the voice and physique of Mrs. Doubtfire, really, exactly! And on our first day the rain was falling horizontally in the wind and we were hesitant about hiking. Her only, very assertive  advice to us, really more a directive, was…”If you’re not going to hike because the weather is bad here in Scotland, you’re never going to hike at all, so just go, just do it, go, go, go, right now.  And we did!!! Watch for blog 6.

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