Still in Stirling – 2nd Scotland Blog

Had another day of fantastic Scottish fare breakfast. I think I failed to mention that all breakfasts are served with cereal, juice, and toast. Toast should always be prepared as we had it in Scotland.  Laura, what’s the difference? You might ask. Toast in the U.K. is always toasted than stood up, un-buttered, in a toast caddy. Due to this method your toast is always dry and crisp. I know it sounds like such a simple thing but it’s not, it’s simply  wonderful!

Anyway I digress. We spent the morning at the National Wallace Monument, Abby Craig. Two hundred and forty steps up this turret to the top of the monument. The view was amazing and the fact that all three of us were dizzy only enhanced the heady experience. William Wallace’s actual sword is 6 feet, 6 inches long and it assumed by historians to be carried on his back since it is to long to be carried by his side. James was thrilled.

We had to leave the Monument as we had an appointment with Mr. Murray the George IV Bridge Librarian and knowledgeable concerning all things ancestral. Mr. Murray informed Jim and James that, sorry to say, they are not highlanders but are, indeed, in every way, Scottish Lowlanders. He also shared that they are allowed to wear the McKay tartan. We hadn’t told Mr. Murray anything about research we had done but he initiated all we knew and added so much more. Jim’s great-grandmother was Abigial McKay.

Than it was time for a light lunch and we had sandwiches . Jim ordered a shrimp and mayo, I had smoked ham, and James had his favorite BLT. Upon checkout we were told the BLT was discounted. James was bothered for the remainder of the day expressing how he was pretty sure he was going to keel over at any moment due to tainted bacon and to please bury him in his tartan kilt.  We had just left Mr. Murray an hour ago. My God, you don’t even have a kilt yet.  We all went to Stirling Castle, which is very well preserved had a wonderful time. As you all know James is alive and well, so it was another excellent day.

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