East Glisan Pizza

There isn’t really a question of what the absolute best pizza in Portland is. The answer is Apizza Scholls in the NE. It’s a special place that makes some of the best pizza I, and many others, have ever tasted. It’s a great place but it’s also sort of a victim of it’s own success. They don’t take reservations so the only way to get dinner there is to wait through the line. It’s always impressively crowded so it’ll be a wait. Whether or not this is worth it on any given night is up to you.

A much less crowded place with pizza that’s almost as good has become a regular stop for me and my friends is East Glisan Pizza. Located close to where a good friend used to live, it has a full bar, great pizza, and a relatively short wait time even on busy nights. It’s noisy and crowd most of the time, and that’s part of the appeal of going to get pizza.

The bar serves unique interesting drinks that are good to nurse while you wait for your table. Once you get your table they let you relax, I’ve never felt hurried here. The pizza is damn good and you get plenty of it.

This all adds up to a great place to hang out with friends. Which is what we were doing in some of the pictures I took. I recommend East Glisan Pizza on one of Portland’s many cold, wet nights.

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