Bamboo Grove

One place I learned about in the South West neighborhood I currently live, before I even moved there, was Bamboo Grove. One of the few Hawaiian food places in town. I wrote about 808 grinds a while ago. While for my money I like them a lot. Bamboo Grove is within spitting distance so I tend to eat there very often.

It’s right down the street from me and has a full bar and nice atmosphere. But that’s only about half the reason I go there. The real reason is when I have forgotten to eat for…. maybe a week and I need to make up for that.

Bamboo Grove, like many great Hawaiian  food places, doesn’t mess around when it comes to portion size. Even the smallest meal will fill me up at my hungriest and I’ll still have leftovers enough for a second meal.

I usually get the teriyaki chicken since it’s chicken thighs cooked until fork tender and dipped in teriyaki. They also have a combination plate that comes with whatever else you want, I usually get kahlua pork. Of course also the macaroni salad and sticky rice. The only vegetables are the chopped cabbage underneath everything. Which, honestly is my only complaint. I could use a salad to make me feel a little less guilty.


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