Belated Holiday Gifts

I know it’s late for this, but honestly the holidays get just way too busy for me to make everyone’s gifts. Yes, you read that correctly, I’m a Chef so I cook and make homemade treats. I usually hold off a bit before making what I’ve become known for among my friends.  A while ago I tried making a special, spicy tomato jam for the holidays. It made no sense to have such a concoction with all of the traditional Christmas food. But maybe that’s what makes it stand out.

I loved it on just about everything and pretty soon all my friends were telling me all the things that they tried it on. It went especially well on burger and meatloaf. But I preferred it on my morning toast next to eggs.

Now, don’t think I’m going to give away my recipe either. That’s my secret. But, make jams as gifts, is actually very easy, if a bit time consuming, but your are worth it. The equipment you need is inexpensive. You can do a lot more than just the classic sweet stuff too if you want to branch out. I’ve heard of caramelized onion or even bacon flavored jams. Most of all, its fun and rewarding.

P.S. I think my great-grandmother is channels through me. When she passed away the family was well behaved until it came down to the disbursement of her Tomato Jam, then all hell broke loose!!!

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