Black Rock Coffee

Portland is known for it’s coffee. Walking downtown you’ll find a great coffee shop on just about every block. The famous one is Stumptown of course. But many others are out there where you can just sit down, write on you laptop and relax.

But, if you can’t relax because you have stuff to do, or worse because you’re driving around all day, there are still options for great coffee. The locally famous spot that’s making it’s way further down south is Dutch Bros. They’re great, and they specialize in these mixed, blended coffee drinks. Those are fine, but I’m more of a fan of just regular unflavored coffee, which moved me try Black Rock.

Black Rock is very similar to Dutch Bros from the outside. They’re usually drive up kiosks staffed by a friendly staff. But Black Rock’s menu is much shorter and more focused on coffee and coffee drinks. I always get the Caramel Blonde, which is flavored but in such as way that doesn’t interfere with the taste of coffee. Lately I’ve had to go by the closest Black Rock often to dog sit. Which makes it really hard to resist going there every day.

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