R & D Sandwich Factory

We love it here in Medford Oregon. Beautiful scenery, friendly people, low cost of living, but a culinary destination it is not. We have had a hard time finding good restaurants and specialty food purveyors. Coming from food Meccas like Boston, Santa Barbara and having spent significant time in Portland, we are, shall we say, somewhat spoiled; we admit it. But yesterday we happened upon a real find: the R & D Sandwich Factory. It is located in a rather sketchy part of town and from the outside it appears uninviting, but once you enter you know you are in a special place.

There were just too many choices on the menu; we were hard pressed to decide. Laura selected their Reuben and I choose their Italian grinder. Both were excellent as well as the fries. We bWe will definitely be back.



One thought on “R & D Sandwich Factory

  1. I’m SO glad you’ve discovered them!
    In my humble opinion, they are hands-down the best sandwich joint in town!

    Everything there is so good, I have a difficult time making up my mind as well. However their recent cubano addition is my current fave.


    Oh! P.S. If you haven’t been there already, I think you would enjoy Downtown Market. 😉

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