Elephant’s on Corbett

Pretty soon I’ll be moving from my old haunt in South West Portland to a new, much nicer place right next to the river in the South East. I’m really excited about it. But it also means I have to do what I can to write about all of the great places to eat near where I live before the move is final and I have a whole new place to explore.

One of my favorite spots is Elephants on Corbett. It may have a lot to do with the fact that it’s a bar that’s within an extended walk of the front door of my apartment. That’s always nice to have if you want to get out for a bit for a good strong drink and not have to worry about driving. For a nicer bar, they do also pour very strong drinks which is much appreciated. But even with the bar, I more often find myself there grabbing a coffee and breakfast or a late lunch.

The food is the real reason to go there. They have kind of an unusual setup where you order from various parts of the cafeteria like front and then take that up to the register, but it works. They have cold cases where you can grab stuff like salads and pre-made sandwiches. Unlike super markets, their pre-made sandwiches are actually very tasty. They also have fresh baked goods, wine, and beer for sale.

For hot food, you can pick from their grill or the fresh pizza station. I almost always find myself grabbing from the grill, but the pizza does looking delicious. The grill has staples like burgers and fries. I almost always find myself getting their delicious fried chicken sandwich. Their bistro burger is excellent too and has a nice combination of arugula and bleu cheese. The also change the menu frequently so I can always try something new. like the pimento cheese burger pictured. Top it off with the fact that they brew Stumptown coffee and it’s all you can drink and I find myself there very often.


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