Seemingly, every state has it’s own proprietary fast food chain that they hold in regard higher than any other. In Texas, Whataburger is sacred. In California, In & Out is the institution to which all other burger joints are unfavorably compared. Oregon has one too, it’s called Burgerville. Also, since I live in Oregon I have to tell all of you how it’s way better than all before mentioned places.

For starters, Burgerville is known state-wide as a very progressive place. They source all of the ingredients they can from local and sustainable sources. It really shows in their food quality too. While it is a bit more expensive as a result, it’s totally worth it because it tastes a lot better. Also they treat their employees very well. Recently all Burgerville employees formed a union. Burgerville itself then started working closely with the union to make sure everyone was happy. The winner ended up being the customers because the service and food are great.

Speaking of the food. They have a great menu featuring all of the traditional burger joint stuff. Usually spruced up with fun stuff like bleu cheese and garlic aioli. But most of the time why people go there is to try the “Seasonal.” They have a rotating menu that has a different special depending one what’s in season that month. This month it’s the rosemary seasoned fries. My favorite is somewhere between the deep fried asparagus and fresh strawberry shakes. Luckily I never have to choose between the two because they’re seasonal.

If you ever find yourself in the Northern part of Oregon, I definitely recommend trying them out. They are the best.


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