Day in Ashland, OR

We spent the entire day in Ashland. We decided this morning to take a hike in Ashland. Destination was, we think, Ashland Ponds, still don’t know for sure. We stopped at Ashland Chamber of Commerce to ask about location of ponds and pick up a hiking map or two. After an hour chatting with the lovely man and woman at the chamber, we left with hiking maps and a dozen brochures and books on gallery tours, big book on Oregon Coast, another book on Southern Oregon wine scene, Mt. Ashland ski resort, and the first official Shakespeare Festival schedule announcements. Sorry we failed to ask their names.

Instead of leaving the charming downtown and driving to the Ponds, we decided to couple the hike with an Urban Walk.  We got so wrapped up in neighborhoods, the architecture, landscaping, etc, we had walked five miles and still weren’t close to the Ponds. Poor us, sometimes ADD just gets in the way of completing a goal. Decided to save Ponds for another day since Jim wanted to spend time downtown and visit this kitchen store called the Cullinarium. Between our soft and hard retirement we launched a business called il Fustino, the business was very high-end specialty foods with an emphasis on olive oil and vinegars. We’ve always been foodies, our son became a Chef, and the thrill of a well stocked and interesting high-end boutique shop delights us. This being said, the whole experience rests on the shoulders of the sales staff. We were helped by a lovely woman named Joy, name wasn’t hard to remember, since she just allowed us to be joyful while we were in the store. Well done Cullinarium! We’ll be back.

Jim and Joy at the Culinarium

Jim suggested we stop at this charming Indian restaurant around the corner. We have had no luck in finding a good Indian food restaurant in Southern Oregon. Let us just say that after today we’re still looking.

Sorry I didn’t take more photos. I’ll be more responsible next time. As I hinted to much stimulus for my ADD brain. Even Jim couldn’t stay focused, too many pleasant distractions.

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