The Laughing Clam, Grants Pass, OR

So hungry for fish yesterday, we had heard Laughing Clam was pretty good so we took a drive up to Grants Pass. We got a seat right in front of the fireplace, felt good, it was a cold day. Jim had a “Hot Ginger Toddy, which was good and warming. I stayed with a draft Pilsner, a little too Wheaty but still good.

Ginger Hot Toddy

We split a cup of their clam chowder. Best chowder we’ve had since moving away from Boston. No pasty flour taste. Chef confided he always doubles down on the clams, uses only clam juice, heavy cream, and Half & Half as his base. Seasoned with Thyme, Roasted Red Pepper, very finely minced, and a little salt and pepper to taste. It was magnificent!

Spicy Fried Calamari

Jim had fried Calamari and I had Clam Strips. Each dish was served with French Fries, sauces, and homemade coleslaw. Here again the slaw was fantastic, just a hint of mayonnaise and some fresh ginger. Crunchy and very tasty.

Fried Clam Strips

Our only disappointment was the fish, we could see that everything was coming out of frozen bags. They gave us a lot of dipping sauces. I suspect the owners and cooks believe if customers use enough sauce they won’t taste the inferior quality of the fish.

Shame, all the hand-made dishes leaving the kitchen were stellar, some of the best we’ve every had, too bad the star of the plate “the fish” was such a disappointment.  But, we will go back for the Chowder, damn fine stuff!

Took the scenic drive home, stopped and took nice long walk along trail beside the Rogue  River.


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