Lardo – Portland, Oregon

Had the best sandwich of my life at Lardo a couple of days ago. I happen to think I’m a sandwich expert, sandwiches are one of my favorite food items. Most of the time a restaurant sandwich disappoints but Lardo’s reputation is based on sandwiches, and they take it very seriously. I spent a fair time perusing Lardo’s sandwich items but one really caught my eye, the “Pho’ French Dip!” Hmmm…the dip was a Pho’ based sauce laced with fish sauce, ginger, garlic, and a little heat. The sandwich was billed as shaved beef, hoisin, sambal mayo, and thai basil on ciabatta bread. This sandwich had all the elements of everything, on this planet, that I love to eat. I don’t want to mislead you, I haven’t eaten on other planets.

Damn!!! best sandwich I’ve ever had in my life!!! Lardo delivered all of the ingredients listed above (plus bean sprouts and freshest bread imaginable) in perfect balance. No one element over powered the other, perfection on a plate. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. We leave Portland on Monday so I’m thinking I can go there three more times, that’s if I only go once a day. Perhaps I can sneak in lunch and dinner!

I don’t eat large portions anymore so I brought home half of the sandwich and was psyched to have the other half for dinner.  Later that night, got my sweats on, poured a glass of wine, and was ready to tuck into my Pho’ French Dip. That’s when Jim, selfishly, asked for a bite!

Highly recommend Lardo. The staff is great, music is awesome, atmosphere is good (small so everyone sits with people they don’t know, great way to make friends,) and food is incredible.

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