Urban Hike & Strange Findings

Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge is a city park of about 141 acres in southeast Portland, Oregon. Located in a floodplain along the east bank of the Willamette River near Sellwood, the park is known for attracting a wide variety of birds and other wildlife. James chose this trail for a nice long walk in the woods. But what’s this perched on the hillside? Is it a museum or an art gallery? We stopped a fellow hiker and asked if she knew, oh yes she did. Her reply: it’s a mausoleum and crematorium. She didn’t know the name but with a little research we found this.

The view from the trail does not give a clue as to what this building is.
Looks quite different from the front doesn’t it?

It is Wilhelm’s Portland Memorial Funeral Home, which defies description. We won’t try to impart how we reacted to this structure and it’s content. We thought it would be better to share with you some inside images and you are free to react however you choose.





We walked 4.5 miles that day, trying to stay healthy and happy to be alive!

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