Hippo Hardware & Trading Company

Hippo Hardware is an eclectic building salvage store specializing in hardware, lighting, architecture, and plumbing from 1860-1960.  They also offer assorted collectibles, trinkets, whatnots, and whoziwhatsits depending on what they get in.  The spirit of Hippo Hardware is to rejoice in the individual, the unique, and the original.

Yesterday was a wicked rainy day so James decided we needed to visit some salvage stores. We spent hours in Hippo. You can’t imagine the abundance of reclaimed cool stuff. Almost wished I had an old house that we could refurbish. The key word here is “almost.” After just emptying two houses full of stuff it is easy to just look but feel NO compulsion to buy.


With all this stuff, I still could not find the lampshades I needed for two lamps in our office. Damn! Maybe it’s time to give up the ghost and buy new lamps.


Was talking to a salesperson, he confided that there are approximately  2200 lamps hanging for the ceiling and he was about to add some more. What???


If you’re in Portland don’t fail to visit Hippo Hardware and Trading Company on Burnside.

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