Apple Store – Portland

Jim took me to the Portland Apple Store the other morning to purchase my Christmas present, a new iPhone. I’m part of the family team that takes most of the photographs, so I choose the 8 Plus, which has two cameras. Sorry, I’m going to “geek out” for a sentence or two. The 8 Plus also has optical stabilization, 12 megapixels, and zoom telephoto lens. Love the features, I’m now studying a lot of You Tube videos in the attempt to learn and use the features to their max.

So far the photos are nasty but I know I’ll get better. Ordered a case yesterday. The camera is bigger and is tending to slip out of my hands. Real accident waiting to happen.

So I’m learning but so far have only managed to get my bright new phone dirty, geez I hate it when that happens.

As always, Apple Store was amazing! Staff was helpful, knowledgeable, and super supportive.


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