Garbage in Portland

I’m sure most of you are asking, what the hell is she writing about now?

Garbage is very serious in Portland, here’s a short explanation from the “handbook” that came with our rental cottage….

  • Bins are located in the garage of the cottage around the corner on Elm Street.
  • We have to use the keypad located on the right side of door, not left side, right side.  Special and secret access number.
  • These bins are shared by three houses.
  • Glass goes in the square container.
  • Recycling in the blue wheeled bin marked recycling.
  • Garbage in the blue container marked garbage.
  • Garbage overflow goes in black round rubber garbage can.
  • Compost goes in the green wheeled bin.
  • All containers go to curb on Sunday evening and moved back on Monday afternoons!
  • There’s a three page description of rules and options.
  • There’s also a three step guide for Food Scrape Disposal.

Seriously? Whoa, I’m exhausted just writing about this. Too tired to take out garbage.

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