Historic Springs Cottage

When we’re in Portland, which is where we are currently, here are our digs. Japanese Gardens, Zoo, and lots of other urban trails are all within hiking/walking distance. Jim and I walk down the mountain to Burnside and have lunch or brunch then do our grocery shopping. Sometimes, we buy too much and take a Lyft or Urber back home Sorry, but lugging ten pounds of groceries three miles uphill all the way is not our idea of having fun. We’re a half block away from Vista Springs Cafe and end up going there too often. It’s so cozy, neighborly, and the food is great! If James weren’t coming over for dinner we’d probably be there right now.

Just to share, James and I did our Christmas shopping for Jim yesterday. All the stores where festive and crowded, really got us into the holiday mood. Happy to say we both finished our shopping, got great deals, and Jim doesn’t have a clue what we purchased. All surprises, based on a year of listening, well done James and me. Had a great time, have always loved shopping with James.





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