4 Daughters Irish Pub, Medford OR

As most of you know we just recently moved to southern Oregon, Jim and I are foodies and 4 Daughters Irish Pub sounded compelling. (Best English Pub we’ve ever been to was located in Hong Kong, but that’s a different story.) Loved the ambiance, wait staff was friendly, put food only average. Still liked it enough to go back a second time. Still loved the feel of the place. Decided to sit up stairs next to cozy fireplace, it was a raw day and warm fireplace and over stuffed chairs felt good.4 daughters upstairs

Our wait-person was Salena and she was wonderful, took care of us like we had been dining there our whole life. Salena suggested “Workers” brewed by “Walk About Brewing” for me and Irish Coffee for Jim, which was perfection on a cold day. Food still could have been better, Salena offered a suggestion of “Bubble and Squeak” next time we’re there. Will diffidently  go back. I’ve made “Bubble and Squeak” form my cookbook “Two Fat Ladies” and it’s awesome.

Just goes to show, even a place that does’t have compelling food can entice you back because of a great atmosphere and a stellar wait staff. We’ll see if they can turn out a great pub favorite, “Bubble and Squeak.”

bubble and squeak.jpg

P.S. Owner give Salena a raise!

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