Boke Bowl

I’ve recently begun CrossFit once again, which I will write about later. What I will say in a brief bit is it’s a really intense workout that leaves me really hungry afterwards. On such a day, I found myself on the East side near one of my favorite spots.

Boke Bowl is a ramen house, but not one that holds to traditional japanese styles and recipes. To me, that’s fine because those are hard to accomplish outside of Japan. In fact I’ve only had a really good, authentic ramen bowl once (Ajisen Ramen in San Mateo California) So a pacific northwest version done with local ingredients but holding to the classic technique is the way to go if you ask me.

They alter what’s in the ramen based on what’s in season at the time. So all you really have to choose is the broth, chicken, pork, or caramelized fennel. There’s lots of add-ons, including my favorite, fried chicken. So I got the caramelized fennel with some extra fried chicken. I’ll let my photos speak for themselves. img_1492

The ramen was excellent. It had all sorts of great stuff in it and a full rich flavor. They also had great local beer for me to indulge in the complimented the ramen perfectly. I loved it and if you’re in the area on a cold day you should try it too.

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