Scrabbles the Cat

I’ve been writing a lot lately. But I don’t think I’ve ever written about my cat, Scrabbles, who shows up in a lot of my other posts. So I’m going to fix that today.


I picked up Scrabbles at the Oregon Human Society maybe about 8 years ago. He had formerly belonged to a family with a few small children. This obviously didn’t work for him since he doesn’t like people giving him too much attention. He’s a pretty typical cat in that he likes attention on his own terms.

As he lived with me, it took him a while to get over what the young people in that family did to him. He didn’t like any attention and even the hint of playfulness on his part probably lead to more. If he did something like play with a bread tie, he’d immediately stop if I started looking at him. Now though after 8 years, he’s finally learning that it’s okay. He still doesn’t care about laser pointers though.


Also he’s got the strangest meow of any cat I’ve ever heard. He doesn’t meow so much as screech. I’ve never been able to record it either since he likes to screech late at night. He does have the loudest purr of any cat I’ve ever met though. Which he uses to wake me up in the morning to feed him.


When I got him, I though he was a standard short haired cat. Turned out the humane society had had to shave him because he got fleas. After about a month, all his hair had grown back and I was left with a little puff ball cat.

But, he’s a great companion. As he’s gotten older (he’s coming up on ten soon) he’s gotten more and more social. He’s cuddlier and loves to plop right down in my lap these days. Which he never did before.

Basically, like any pet owner I love the little guy. Even though he’s a typical cat and a bit of a jerk occasionally.

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