Asian Pears

Went to Medford Farmers Market today. Bought Eggplant.  There will be a recipe in the next couple of days. However, for the first time tasted an Asian Pear. WOW! Who knew, probably many of our readers, but for those of you who haven’t tasted an Asian Pear, don’t deprive yourself of this delectable fruit.  This fruit is sweet and far less grainy than other varieties.  Just a small, nubby green mouth experience of deliciousness. The Asian Pears are the rounder, more orange pears in the picture.

We ate a big lunch and tonight will be a light noshing. Going to have cheese, toast points, and Asian Pears. Probably a glass of crisp white wine.

Recommend Asian Pears for desserts, and after dining cheese course parings. Smooth texture and beautiful sweetness.

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