Oregon in the Autumn

I have to honestly say, Oregon is more beautiful in the the Fall than New England or Wisconsin, and I’ve spent a lot of time in both, and now Oregon; there is just more color here, a lot more shades of red. Today was stunning, a little crisp morning. Went to Farmers Market, (Will write about this more later!) bought some produce and Jim and I took a leisurely drive home. Wow, presently I’m overwhelmed with beauty. Back home in Oregon, sitting in our office (Jim and I share an office, we decided on Partners Desks, which is proving to be stellar, except Jim talks too much, and disrupts my work! I still love him, smoochy smoochy!)  Here in Oregon looking out our office window, leaves are falling in reds, oranges, and yellow off our trees in the front yard.

Hope you like the photos, I took a hundred but didn’t wanted to overdose you, so only subject you to a few. Sometimes one or two is enough to appreciate the over all experience.

Pear trees after harvest

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