Celebrating Good Friends & Huge Earrings

My dearest friend Moneen would wear gigantic earrings like these (see featured photo) on a tennis competition day. Those earrings were bigger than tennis balls. How did she do it? She also polished her nails in her superstitious color (vivid bright orange)  minutes before we would walk onto the court. She would walk off the court several hours later with a victory under her belt and not a smudge on any nail. She is also a fabulous artist and dear friend. We didn’t discover each other until late in our Santa Barbara lives. Sometimes you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone. We still stay in touch but I wish I could see her across a lunch table.

Speaking of friends, these huge stunning earrings were given to me last night by Richard. Jim, Richard, and I went out to eat last night and Richard walked into the restaurant with a plain brown paper bag. Oh oh, Richard is up to something.  After dinner he gently produces this beautiful wooden box and asks that I open it. Hmmm…I’m in for something. Within the wooden box was another box, ultimately leading to these earrings. I immediately put them on and everyone in the restaurant cheered. They were magnificent and I was wearing a piece of jewelry totally unlike me but felt wonderful wearing them.

Richard is our (Jim and my) best friend. We were roommates for many years in college. We’ve lived in all matters of situations over the years. When times were lean, poor college kids, NO “Thank God,” Student Loans! Literally living in lots of hand-to-mouth situations. And now in our later years are very comfortable and happy.  So getting back to Richard, he loves to give gifts on a whim, he’s NOT driven by holidays or expected occasions, and all of them are extraordinarily and ingeniously wrapped.  So you never know what he’s fixin’ to do. Personally I love it.

So this brings me back to Richard and Moneen. Moneen is a diva not afraid to wear huge jewelry and  carries it off with aplomb and Richard who dares to see me in more than my conservative limited spectrum. I love my new earrings and I will wear them often.  Thanks to Moneen’s and Richard’s artistic bent and loving care.

P.S. I’ll need to wear makeup to keep up with the earrings. Fashion tip: big jewelry requires; big hair and big makeup!!!

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