Humble Surroundings – Awesome Food

Our dear friends next door to us on the lake, John and Cindy read someplace in a local paper that the Lion’s Club at Crooked Lake was having an Oktoberfest Feast. Since there is little or nothing to do up in northern Wisconsin during the Autumn, all four of us were in. Hey, beautiful fall colors down small country lanes and hopefully edible food. Oh, no, no, no no!!! We arrived to delicious juicy roasted pig (roasted over-night in a pit), perfectly seasoned stuffing, homemade applesauce, red cabbage (like the kind my Grandmother used to make,) sauerkraut,  (liked the kind my Grandmother never could make,) German potato salad, (one criticism, needed bacon but this is a fundraiser and they’re trying to generate some income, you can’t toss it all on expensive bacon,) delicious perfectly cooked little red parsley potatoes. All of this served with lots of hot perfectly brewed coffee and a deconstructed German Chocolate Cake.

IMG_8961 (2).JPG

Sure, I know it’s incredibly heavy on the carbs, but none of us eat like this EVERY day. Try as I might, because it was all delicious, but I only got 1/3 of the way through it. Now I’m challenging myself to do just three of plates components. I choose a protein, pulled pork, sauerkraut (because when prepared well it’s sublime,) and my cheat (because I already make them very well) parsley potatoes. So I’m working on it and I will send you recipes when they are made to my satisfaction.

If any of you have tips you want to share please pass them along or if you have requests let me know.

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