Getting in shape the Oregon way: Fall Hikes

Once again the Oregonian comes through with an article that I need. 12 autumn hikes to see fall colors around Portland. I’ve been doing a really good job of staying on top of the hiking and getting my step count up. But it’s becoming even more important with the Fall weather, heavier food and bigger school workload that’s coming up soon. So to stay on top of it I have to get out more often than I’d like even if the rain is trying to convince me otherwise. But that’s why Cabela’s sells heavy-duty rain coats.

So I’ll be going on and writing about those hikes for sure. But this weekend Adam, Diana, Freya and I decided to try one we knew well already, Oaks Bottom reserve. We just wanted to see the fall colors and experience the chill after a way too hot summer. It was exactly what we needed.  And of course no Portland urban hike is complete without a trip to the nearest bar for a meal afterwards. I’ll have to write about Muddy Rudder next.

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