Grilled King Crab Legs

Once a month, our local supermarket has a “Seafood Extravaganza,” which is a big deal. They bring in hundreds of pounds of seafood and sell it all in one day. We got there early to snag some of our favorite King Crab Legs. They’re expensive but once in a while you have to splurge and up here in the North Woods, we don’t get many luxury ingredients.

Now there are lots of ways to cook King Crab. We normally steam them in a big pot. (King Crab is already cooked then flash frozen, so all you really want to do is heat them up and not over-cook them.) You can also bake them and boil them. This time, though, we wanted to try grilling them. Laura thinks, correctly, that steaming tends to leave the meat somewhat off-puttingly soggy. We felt that grilling would eliminate that while inducing a nice smoky, char flavor. Which it did.

This is me standing by our little grill getting it warmed up. I had my scotch, Laura her wine… we were all set.

It has been chilly lately
Legs on the grill, grill on high
Brush with some olive oil

Close the lid and let them go for about 6 minutes. Then flip them, brush with more olive oil and another 6 minutes and you are done.


You can see they come through with a nice grill char and they smell great. We served them with a stick of melted butter that had a bit of garlic salt added. Delicious! The intention was to have some left over to make crab cakes, but we ate every damn bite!

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