Petite Octoberfest Mugs

My dearest friend Gitta gave me four beautifully designed Oktoberfest mugs. Gitta, Norbert, Jim, and I all attended Oktoberfest together several years ago. Every year an artist’s design for a coffee mug is selected and that vessel represents Oktoberfest for that year. At the end of a very long and exciting day, Gitta insisted we have a coffee before the journey back to Sauerlach. Unbeknownst to us, she was not only buying a round of coffee, which was delicious, but was also buying the mugs. Along with the coffee we would usually have a dram of Ramazzotti, which is a digestif amaro invented by Ausano Ramazzotti in 1815 in Milan. It is made of a secret blend of 33 herbs and roots, and uses no artificial color. We’ve come to love it!!!

IMG_8854 (1).JPG

These dear treasures live in Wisconsin, where I drink my tea every morning, Jim his coffee. Coffee not as good as Germany but still stellar due to mugs. We avoid the Ramazzotti in the morning.

We think of our dear and thoughtful Gitta and Norbert every morning. Know what you’re thinking, no we haven’t broken or even chipped one, have all four, yippee!!!

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  1. So happy to be remembered by you – the octoberfest will be over tomorrow, as you are not with us we had no wish to go there! Hopefully next year! Gitta and Norbert

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