RIP Elfrieda F. Sigmund Born June 11, 1929 Died August 29, 2018

Sorry I’ve been away for several weeks. My Mom (Elfrieda Sigmund) died several weeks ago. It was swift, not particularly unexpected, but merciful. We arrived in WI to find her very sick, moved her to an assisted living home, and she passed away only four days later.

So now we have a cautionary tale to share: grieving the loss of a loved one, dealing with funeral arrangements, insurance, and stuff (so much stuff, everywhere you turn there are mountains of stuff) is one of the most difficult, gut-wrenching exercises we’ve ever been through. Jim and I have now vowed to get rid of more stuff. We never want to put James in the situation we have recently dealt with. Get insurance documents in order, leave a list of contacts, and get rid of stuff you have built up over the years.

My Mom, Lord love her, had hundreds of puzzles, knitting yarn and needles, important documents buried in drawers, in desks, in piles on floors, squirreled away everywhere.

After a week I was in her home, walked into a room and stood there for, I don’t know how long, I was completely frozen. Wanted to cry and grieve but I didn’t have the time, I had so much to do.

I did know two things, she wanted to have exceptionally good food at her memorial and she wanted people to be joyful and share stories about her life. Her friends didn’t let her down; the stories were bountiful and kept everyone laughing between some tears. Food was stellar, music was joyful, and pastor was sweet.  Just what she would have wanted.

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