Went for a walk and picked up a dog

James and I went for a walk this afternoon just to beef up our steps for the day. We decided we needed to walk at least a mile, so a walk into town was perfect. It’s been a beautiful day;  temps in mid seventies, no humidity, and a little breeze. James suggests we visit the market and pick up some soup and cold cuts for dinner. Now everything gets upside down. On way back we’re having a great cathartic talk and a beautiful dog, black lab, no tags or collar, starts following us.  We continue to walk and talk for a mile and the dog keeps following us, just like she has been with us her whole life. James and I start discussing what will happen if she follows us all the way home. Within the next mile we named her Daisy Two, since she looks so much like our WI neighbor’s dog Daisy.  D2 as we are, now, affectionately calling her followed us all the way home and was more than at ease following us right into the house. No, no Daisy you have to stay outside, and she did! Flopped on the deck and waited for some water, which she was immediately given. Now as a family we’re thinking we now own a dog. We were immediately in love with Daisy. James is going back to Portland and we will soon be returning to Oregon, how do we transport her, what will we feed her tonight, where will she sleep. After every decision we looked out window to find Daisy comfortable and relaxed. After many decisions I opened up the door to let Daisy in, but she was gone. Our hearts were broken!

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