Today I Screwed Up

Actually last night. I asked Laura to bake me an apple pie. She does a really great one where she cooks the apples separately from the crust. Then combines the filling and the crust and bakes them together. This insures that the apples and the crust are both done perfectly.

Up here in Wisconsin we had a banner year for apples and Laura dutifully picked up a bag of them. I used a apple peeler to peel them. Then I cored and sliced them.

There were enough apples to make two pies. She baked the first one and gave it to our neighbors John and Cindy. Then she put the second one in the oven and set the timer (Alexa).

This is where I screwed up. I came in and saw the oven was on. Thinking Laura had forgotten to turn it off, I twisted the dial on the oven to turn off the heat. Instead, I switched it from bake to broil. I went back outside. When the smoke alarm went off, I realized my mistake.


Laura was understandably upset.


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