Angelina Restaurant, Green Bay, WI

We went here after we picked James up from the airport in Green Bay. James said he has not been able to find a decent Italian restaurant in Portland… who would have thunk it.

We searched Yelp and found this place, which was the highest rated Italian spot in Green Bay.

Food was really nice, very authentic Italian, however, the service ruined the entire experience. The waiter was slow to take our order and busing was non- existent. We started with Piatto di Fromaggi, good thing we meandered thru this course, cheeses, capers berries, and olives (seemed home cured) were spot on. Entree’ Home Made Spaghetti & Meatballs were phenomenal. However, when the meatballs arrived cold and the table hadn’t been cleared from when you started the meal makes for a very sub-standard experience. Couldn’t help but notice, Chef spent his time and the time of his staff placating to the table of LOUD patrons beside us using the f-word every other word. Now we’re no stranger to the f-word, use it all the time, but avoid using it at mega volume in a public place. Just a comment for Chef, your food is good, but don’t sacrifice customer experiences at the cost of one table versus whole restaurant full of people trying to enjoy your food. Get your attitude and staff under control, appreciate your current and new customers. A restaurant is a service industry business not a “boys club.”

We recommend restaurant to all Packer’s fans, just make sure Chef doesn’t have “friends” in the house. If Chef does, you’ll be disappointingly neglected!!!

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