The Green Bay Packers

Here in Wisconsin everyone is a Packer fan. It is hard to describe how much they love the Packers. If you go to the supermarket on game day, all the employees and most of the customers are dressed in green and gold. Several houses around our town are painted green and gold. On game day during the game there are no cars on the road, no people walking around.

One of the unique things about the Packers is that they are the only non-profit and community owned team in the NFL. Whereas all the other professional football teams are owned by a single rich guy like the Patriots and Bob Kraft. So that gives a sense of ownership to everyone.

Lombardy Stadium has had every seat sold out for years. Families pass down their reservations in their wills. There is a long waiting list.Waitlist_Postcard.jpg

Is their frenzy justified? Are the Packers really that great? Aaron Rogers was out with an injury last season and it was the first season they did not get into the playoffs since 2008. Well Rogers is back and healthy. Does he make a difference? Absolutely. If you have 12 minutes watch these highlights of last Sunday’s game with the Chicago Bears.

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