De Ram Inn Belgium

Years ago, while traveling on business, Laura and I were homeward bound. We were to fly out of Brussels in a few days. We were in Amsterdam, had a rental car and were driving down over the weekend. It got late and we were on an obscure two lane road without a lot of facilities, hotels or the like, so when we found this unimposing place called De Ram Inn we pulled in and asked if they had a room for the night. Indeed they did and it included dinner! Great we were hungry and tired and this was perfect.

30 years later, looking for it on Google, I can’t find any evidence that it existed at all, perhaps it was a dream or an hallucination, but if so it was a wonderful one.

The room was not much to speak of. Typical of the region. Spartan, clean, comfortable and efficient, but not elegant, so we did not have high hopes for dinner.

Quickly unpacked and went into the dining room because it was late. There was no menu. A very knowledgeable waiter informed us of what we were to have that evening. To this day we cannot recall all the dishes we were served, but there were many. We remember several with reverence.

A wild game stew. The Chef had gone hunting that morning and bagged pigeon, rabbit and squirrel. (We were informed of this by the waiter.) And hence mixed game stew. It was probably one of the best dishes we have ever had.

Tiny Brussels sprouts, no larger than the tip of your finger. Delicately cooked and tossed with dill.

French fries (of course… we were in the country that invented them.)

Homemade mashed potatoes (what? mashed potatoes and French Fries, yes.)

A haunch of venison.

I know there was even more but by this time we were in a food coma and completely stuffed. The waiter came and said the Chef is concerned you did not like the food. Is something wrong?

We replied we absolutely loved dinner but could just not eat it all.

Then he served us a huge ice cream sundae topped with hot fudge and a cherry! Only to be followed by a plate of petite pastries and a cup of coffee and a cup of hot chocolate.

We looked at each other and asked “When will the madness stop?”

In summary, one of the best unexpected meals of our life.

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