The Wolfman Triathlon

Today we drove to Antigo Wisconsin where there is a Walmart and the Antigo Farmers Market. On the way we started seeing people (mostly men but some women) on mountain bikes peddling along highway 64. When we got to Langlade we saw several people kayaking down the Wolf river. After crossing the river we saw hundreds of kayaks drawn up on the shore. Of course we were curious. So when we got home I googled it. Turns out there is an annual event sponsored by a non-profit organization called The Wolfman Triathlon (named for the Wolf river of course). They have been going since 1994 and have over 350 participants. There are three legs:

  1. kayaking or canoeing down a 3 mile stretch of the Wolf river with class 2 rapids and lots of rocks.
  2. mountain biking over a rugged 13 mile course ending with having to cross the Wolf river while carrying your bike over your head.
  3. a 3.5 mile trail run back up the banks of the Wolf river to the finish line.

Really cool. Here’s a map of the race. We will be going to watch next year.

Here is their website if you are interested.


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