Getting Healthy the Oregon Way: Sauvie along the beach.

Sauvie Island has quickly become one of my favorite places for my hikes. The scenery is gorgeous, the river cools the air and the flat terrain saves my knees. When mom and dad visited a few months ago we went on a great 7 mile hike to the Warrior point lighthouse. I decided to try that one again recently but with a bit of a twist.

Instead of going down the forest path we took last time, I decided to see if I could walk along the beach leading to the lighthouse instead to enjoy the weather. While it worked, you notice I don’t have many photos of this outing, because it turned out this was really hard.

I got most of the way to the lighthouse and could almost spit and hit it. But I was blocked by some dense undergrowth that went right up to the waters edge. My attempt to see if I could skirt the edge of it resulted in a dip in the river. Without that as a possibility I tried to cut my way through the thick Oregon Blackberry bushes which resulted in a huge tear in my pants.

But, despite torn pants and wet socks. It was a fantastic hike, and I’m going to do it again, just with some modifications.

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