Getting Healthy the Oregon Way: Dry Creek Falls and Brigham Fish Market

I think I gave Diana the hiking bug after our last really long hike. So this time I decided maybe something a lot easier was in order. Again we used the great website Friends of the Columbia River Gorge to check on a few different hikes and we decided on a short, 2.5 mile hike called Dry Creek Falls. The Columbia Gorge has bunches of hidden water falls and this one was very well regarded by locals.

To get there we had to drive quite a bit, about an hour from my apartment. But it was worth it. We ended up in another great little town near the outskirts of Portland called Cascade Locks, located near the Bridge of the Gods in the Gorge. On the way in we spotted a few fun looking places to eat, the first was the Brigham Fish Market and the second was a standard burger and shake shack with a line nearly around the block. I *love* those little dives personally so we stuck a pin in that idea until after the hike.

The hike itself was a great little two mile jaunt, once we got to it. It was up a pretty difficult road that my little Prius could barely handle. It had a few vertical sections but was overall pretty flat once you got through those. It took us through a lot of the parts of the gorge that were burnt in the Eagle Creek fire almost a year ago so it was fun to see how those had bounced back. The falls themselves were tiny and really really beautiful. Not all of them have to be Multnomah after all.

Afterwards we hit up Cascade Locks again to get dinner. I wanted to try the shake shack and Diana felt like fish. The line was still around the block for shake shack and we were both starving so the fish market won out.

What a great choice. The place was wonderful, clean with friendly service. Diana got the fried clam Po’ Boy and I stuck to one of the few types of fish I can eat, the Alaskan cod fish and chips (I’m very picky with fish). The fish and chips were done perfectly, firm and flavorful on the inside and nice and crispy on the outside. I’d highly recommend it to anyone.

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