I try one of those Facebook food videos: Egg and potato loaf stuffed with cheese.

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with a lot of the cooking videos I find on Facebook all the time. On one hand they’re great and make me hungry. On the other they tend to skip over a lot of important details. So when a good friend of mine posted one on my Facebook, I decided to try it out.

The ingredients as best as I can tell.
2 packs of prosciutto
5 Yukon gold potatoes
1 onion
8 ounces Emmentaller cheese in a block
6 eggs
Splash of milk
salt and pepper

A good start

First preheat the oven to 350. Then spray a meatloaf pan with non-stick spray or butter or whatever. The video leaves that part out. Then line it with the prosciutto. I then set the Emmentaller in the pan after cutting it down to fit. Make sure to grate up the pieces you cut off and set those aside.

Some knife work later

Cut the potatoes and onion up extra small to make sure it cooks quickly and gets crispy. You’re going to fry this in oil and that can, reasonably, freak people out.

The fun part

Make sure the oil is good and hot before you put the potatoes and onion in it, otherwise you get soggy, oily potatoes and no one wants that. While they’re cooking scramble the eggs with some milk and salt and pepper. Pull the potatoes and onion out with a wire basket and set aside until they cool. Then mix it in with the eggs and toss in the grated cheese. I added the cheese in my version to spread the flavor out a bit. In my next version I’m also going to add some cut up prosciutto or bacon.


Then fold the prosciutto over it


The pop it in the 350 degree over for 45 minutes.

Damn that looks good

I have to say I was kind of skeptical of these videos. But this dish won me over. The somewhat complicated assembly is a lot easier than it looks and the flavor delivers. It needs a little sprucing up but over its very solid.

Looks as good as it tastes.


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