Bunk Sandwiches

One of Diana’s defining traits is that she’s from New York. She likes hot summer days in the city, bagels, and pizza without pineapple. This also means that she has a huge fondness for the Bodega Breakfast Sandwich.

The Bodega Sandwich is simplicity itself. A egg, fried or scrambled on a kaiser roll with American cheese, sometimes with bacon if you want. I’ve taken to making them at home myself because they’re easy and delicious. But Diana wanted that New York summer morning of getting one downtown in the heat and eating it outside surrounded by people. I needed to get out for the day, so I obliged.

Or location of choice was Bunk Sandwiches. They have a few locations around town. One of them closer to Guardian Games that serves as a great landing-pad after we’ve had some intense games. The location Diana chose was very small and more like a cramped New York sandwich shop…perfect.


They have a small menu, and I was tempted to try the cold cuts. But Diana convinced me otherwise. How did she do this? Easy she mentioning the magic word (BACON) and I ordered the egg, cheese, and bacon on a hard roll.


It was exactly what we needed. While I usually prefer scrambled eggs on these bad boys, the people who made this one made sure the bread absorbed most of the egg yolk so all of the flavor was there. Coupled with nice thick-cut smokey bacon and American cheese it was a perfect breakfast on a hot day.


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