Oregon and Cannabis

Today we got the Sunday paper. Inside was a glossy 48 page magazine entitled “Southern Oregon Good Herb” totally dedicated to all things related to Cannabis. In Jackson county, where we currently live, there are now 37 stores selling recreational Marijuana, and myriad other related products. There is an actual glut of pot here. Oregon produced enough recreational cannabis last year to supply every adult resident 5 ounces of legal marijuana. The Bend Bulletin reported that there were more than 1 million pounds in the state’s supply chain. There are only 4 million people in the state of Oregon!

What I learned was that besides THC (high-inducing) component of cannabis, there is Cannabidiol (CBD) that is will not get you high, but is considered to have significant health benefits, and hemp seed oil, which is sold here at Trader Joes, Costco, etc. In the magazine there were three recipes for salad dressings, based on hemp seed oil!

Then if you are in Portland, you can sign up with “High 5 Tours” Portland’s Signature Cannabis Tour.

Crazy stuff!

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