Deviled Eggs in a bag

Found this tip in Cooks Illustrated and I think it’s brilliant. I only have one problem with it, which is minor. I don’t use a recipe with my Deviled Eggs so I do a lot of tasting as I go. This method posses a little hassle opening and bag, tasting, and closing the bag, multiple times. I do like how this method saves mess and doesn’t waste any filling. Great idea Corinne!

To avoid messily transferring deviled egg filling from a mixing bowl to a pastry bag. Corinne Johnson of Wasilla, Alaska, mixes the hard-cook yolks and seasoning directly in a zipper-lock bag.

  1. After adding ingredients, seal bag and run rolling pin back and forth over bag to thoroughly combine ingredients.
  2. Snip corner off bag and pipe filling into whites.

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