Chicken Salad

We finally used up the “Cheap Chicken” last night. We made chicken salad. Now making chicken salad is not normally something to write about, but what we collaborated on and made was certainly exceptional to us and we wanted to share what we did.

First, we removed all the skin from the chicken and broke up the meat into small pieces. To that we added quite a bit of chopped celery, which added a nice crunch factor. We added some chopped up boiled eggs too. Laura added garlic salt, mayonnaise, and our favorite Frank’s Red Hot sauce, and a grind of black pepper. We tasted it and it was still a bit bland. I suggested we add some chopped up pepperonchini peppers, which we did, tasted again and decided to add some more. The result was wonderfull. We had the salad with some mixed greens. I added some pickled cucumbers and sliced peppadew peppers, which are mildly hot and sweet.

PEPPADEW Sweet Piquant Peppers, 14 Ounce

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