Poke’ Mon

As part of exercising and generally being healthier, I managed to make it into the doctor’s office recently. That meant the typical battery of tests and other things. One cholesterol screening later and it turned out I had a problem. Too much bad cholesterol and not enough good cholesterol. So, more fish and less red meat.

Which, is strange to me, because I take fish oil pills on a regular basis. But I guess I just need more fish in my diet. That’s harder for me than most though. Ever since I was a kid I haven’t been able to stomach the taste of cooked fish. However, sushi offers a much needed reprieve. But I can’t afford sushi once or twice a week. But, luckily there’s an answer for me and it’s delicious. The Hawaiian salad called Poke’.

Poke’ Mon is a popular place in Portland to get this Hawaiian staple. So Diana and I stopped there to grab some while we were doing our rounds of getting a haircut and thrift shopping on Hawthorne.


I did a little research on poke’ while we waited for our order. It’s from the Hawaiian “to cut” and is mostly made with seaweed, nuts and greens and fresh fish. Rice and a lot of Japanese inspired ingredients were mostly added when the dish started becoming popular in the mainland States around 2016. Mine was a little of both as I wanted Ahi over rice with seaweed, the nuts and variation on ponzu sauce. Diana went for the albacore with avocado over greens with a spicy sauce.

It was delicious. In fact I liked it so much that I went back for a second taste soon after finishing writing this. The fish was fresh and had great flavor that was brought out by the rice and contrasted by the nuts and salty sauce. I loved it and hopefully it’ll help me be healthier.

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