Adam finally gets a day off!

If you follow this blog you may have noticed that I hang out with Diana a lot. This is because until recently her husband Adam (One of my best friends for more than a decade starting many years ago in Santa Barbara.) worked a retail job for a terrible company that shall go nameless. His schedule would be published in the middle of the week and was different every week. This made it impossible to actually plan a trip or anything, due to the fact that, his schedule could change on a whim.

However, Adam got a much better job with a four-day work week and guaranteed weekends off. Just in time for my Summer Break. To beat the heat (high 90’s & low 100’s) and to celebrate, we decided to bring their doggy, Freya, on a trip to Cannon Beach.

Cannon Beach is a really popular spot since it’s an hour and change from Portland and has everything you could ask for from a quaint beach-side town. I’d also put the beach up against any beach in California and it would win hands-down.

The town itself is full of quaint stores selling all of the beach essentials. Kites, candy, towels, several book stores, a great coffee shop, and all sorts of other things.

The beach itself is the real star of the show. It was crowded for sure, but it’s such a long, and deep beach that everyone was spread out and had plenty of space. There were tons of people walking but still more than enough room to let Freya off of her leash. She ran to her hearts content. We also got to see Haystack Rock, a local landmark, without anyone near it because the tide was in.

We capped the day off with a nice dinner at the Pelican Brewery located a stones-throw away. They had outdoor seating to accommodate the doggy and it was more or less (still hot) a perfect day to sit outside and have an unhealthy meal to ruin all the walking we just did. Diana got the Dungeness Crab Macaroni and Cheese, Adam went back to Santa Barbara roots and got a Tri-tip sandwich and I got a burger. All were delicious as was the beer.

Overall a stunning day. GOOD friends, beautiful beach, great food, and a doggy!

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