Hiker’s Hack

Was out at Applegate Lake with James (came down from Portland) and Jim. Took some photos at a picnic area before our hike. Got fresh tree sap from new picnic table. Geez, really thought it would be funny to run my hands thru James’ hair, just like the scene from “Christmas Vacation” where Sparky is all laden with tree sap and runs his hands through Audrie’s hair.¬† Made for great scene but would not go well in real life.


I was all stuck together with everything I touched. Here’s James’ hack.

Take paper towel or tissue, spray sap with sunscreen, “Neutrogena¬† Beach Defense, 70% SPF Serum” wipe away. Gone Gone Gone!

Neutrogena Beach Defense Body Spray Sunscreen Broad Spectrum Spf 70, 6.5 Oz.

By the way this is the sunscreen we use when playing tennis. It is not greasy. You don’t want greasy hands when you are gripping the racket it tends to fly out of your hand. Also it has a very pleasant and clean smell.

Love James but can’t move. I am tree-sap stuck to him.

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